The Architecture Project

The Architecture Project


The Architecture Project is a partnership of architecture and urban development, which aims to make cities better. The Architecture Project creates business, innovation and international exposure along the way.

The partnership is working to address major societal challenges through architecture. It creates value for everyone with an interest in the Danish architecture industry, and The Architecture Project helps create cities and communities that are good to live in.

Approach and initiatives

The stakeholders of the partnership are working together across disciplines and sectors, and continuously develops the ability to work innovatively and with new business models. This is done through workshops, B2B events, networking events and development processes. This is especially true when the partnership is traveling around the region with the mobile development laboratory and together with citizens and municipalities will find the solution to local urban challenges.

At the same time The Architecture Project ensures a wide exposure of Danish architecture’s ability to solve challenges in welfare, mobility and urbanization – both at home and abroad. The Architecture Project organizes exhibitions, international press delegations and festival events, including spring exhibitions in Hamburg and the new national event RISING Architecture Week in September 2015.

Join us!

The partnership members include drawing offices, municipalities, research institutions and others with an interest in using architecture to address major societal challenges. The Architecture Project is rooted in the central Denmark region, but works both nationally and internationally.

The partners are currently: Shl, AART, CEBRA, scratchy, TRANSFORM, Arkitema, CF Moller, Sleth, Friis and Moltke, Kjær and Richter, the seasons, Collision, Aarhus Architects, Brabrand Housing Association, Schønherr, Moller and Grønborg (CUBO) – TBC, Aarhus, Herning, Aarhus School of Architecture, University of Aarhus / Smart Cities and Business Aarhus.



Partnership manager
CEO Carina Serritzlew
+ 45 89 36 01 79

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