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The digital visual cluster (films, games, animation and creative app development) holds significant growth potential in Denmark. Today, the global market for the digital visual industry amounts to DKK 1,700 billion, which is roughly equivalent in size to the entire Finnish national economy. Globally, the turnover in this industry has exploded in recent years, and countries such as Sweden and Finland have been at the forefront of this growth. These years, both countries are gaining their share of new workplaces and export turnover. In Denmark, we have now implemented many of the building blocks that are necessary to be on a par with Finland, Sweden and the rest of the world in this regard, but we still need to establish a number of critical framework conditions in order to truly unleash this growth potential – a growth potential that can bring an additional DKK 1 billion in turnover and at least 2,000 new jobs by 2018.

Interactive Denmark (ID) is a national cluster organization that has been created to strengthen the digital visual industry in Denmark through business development, raising of capital and cluster development. The overarching goal is to create growth and jobs throughout Denmark.

ID is based on 6 years’ work with digital visual businesses through Shareplay (2010-2015), Computerspilzonen (2010-2013) and Interactive Denmark from 2013-onwards, meaning that ID has established broad and enthusiastic support among national and regional businesses.

Approach and initiatives

Interactive Denmark intends to accomplish its goal by challenging and supporting businesses and through the creation of new markets.

  • Challenging: ID’s services revolve around challenging businesses in terms of helping them think bigger and be more ambitious, identifying new approaches and markets and even shutting down operations if the projects do not get off the ground (fail fast). ID focuses on scale-up businesses, but also supports entrepreneurs.
  • Supporting: ID is the focal point for businesses requiring help with specific issues, Danish and international networking and a place where good advice and contacts are readily available for businesses. ID also facilitates contact between the industry and journalists, politicians and ID’s partners.
  • Creating new markets ID’s agenda includes not only the digital visual industry in general, but also how it can help enhance the economic potential of other industries in terms of improving productivity, innovation, communication, etc. ID is heavily focused on creating new markets in both the public (e-health, digital learning, etc.) and private sectors.

ID offers activities and services within the areas of market development, raising of capital, cluster development and internationalisation:

  • Market development: ID works with market development to enable early access to cluster networks, improve domestic business incubation and encourage faster growth.
  • Raising of capital: ID’s efforts in relation to raising capital are focused on improving the cluster’s access to financing, raising the profile of the cluster as an area of investment and making more information available to prospective investors.
  • Cluster development: ID works with cluster development to strengthen the cluster internally and to raise the profile of the cluster and its collective brand, both nationally and abroad. The purpose is to attract investment, knowledge, talent, networks, etc., which can enhance growth within the cluster while also facilitating more interaction between the cluster and the public and private sector.

Activities in these areas include the following: Conferences, Growing Games-, Growing Films- and Growing Animation workshops, Spilbar, export promotion and Growing Investors.

Join us!

ID has three target groups:

  • ID is for businesses: From start-ups to large businesses with growth ambitions. They are characterised by a perception of themselves as part of the digital visual industry and by being able to appreciate the benefits of being part of the ID cluster. The cluster includes all the creative businesses within the digital visual industry. Businesses may either be based on their own IPs, work for hire or a combination thereof, and will be both B2C and B2B.
  • ID is for stakeholders: This includes Danish and international investors, business angels, investment funds, publishers and foundations seeking access into the industry, business developers and gatekeepers to the export markets.
  • ID is for customers
    • Business partners from the private sector
    • Politicians, government officials and other decision-makers from the public sector
    • Journalists from relevant media outlets

Whether you fall into one of these categories or not, we encourage you to get in touch to see if we can be of assistance, or if there is any way you would like to help. Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, and read more at



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