How Can We Feed The World


An Aarhus 2017 Festival Event
Presented by Folkeuniversitetet in Aarhus and the Hearts & Minds Festival and More Creative 

In the future, the food sources that we depend on for survival will not be sufficient to feed the world’s population. However, the latest knowledge and research allows us to rethink and challenge the ways we produce and consume food.

Folkeuniversitetet, Aarhus and the Hearts & Minds Festival will focus on our future’s most pressing questions: How can we feed the world?; How do we utilize the earth’s food resources in the best way?; How can we translate words into actions that matter?

Join us and learn more about the food of the future as we step into a shared laboratory of ideas where all senses are brought into play. Included in the programme is a presentation by the world-renowned Irish anthropologist Richard Jenkins, who will enlighten us on how the Danish approach to traditions and food is seen from the outside.


22nd September

Godsbanen, Aarhus

Young people and adults

The Business Perspective

This event will benefit participants from the food industry and other creative industries.  The Central Denmark Region will be the forum for exchange of ideas and experience, enabling new partnerships and solutions to complex food challenges. 

Through cross-sectional teamwork everyone will be updated on the latest food trends, from insects to seaweed, and enlightened about political matters, such as environmental concerns and excess-food. They will emerge well prepared to address and reach the conscious consumer.

Professionals and public will come together to share new inspiration and ideas for a better future. In particular they will try to answer the big question of tomorrow.

How can we feed the world?

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