Creating Growth

Measuring the impact of cultural and creative markets in the EU

The impact of cultural and creative industries on our economy is often poorly measured, understood and valued. This is why GESAC requested a Europe-wide study of the economic and social impact of CCIs, particularly in terms of direct revenues and jobs.

Although many surveys and studies have been undertaken in various countries and industries over the years. This report is the first comprehesive evalutation across the 28 stats of the EU, of 11 cultural and creative markets.

To describe the creative and cultural economy in the most comprehensive and clear fashion we have focues on final consumers markets that use the work of creators, but also technicans, service providers, media and retailers.

Revenues of the 11 creative and cultural industry sectors total €535.9b


Untapped potential for youth employment


Disruptive business models: Baner vejen for nye former for forbrug


Read and download the whole rapport here.