Public sector

The creative industries is the way to new solutions in the public sector

In a welfare state like the Danish, a constant development and thinking of the future are essential for being able to solve social challenges. The level of innovation in the public sector can be heightened by cooperating with creative industries with an improvement of the society to follow.

  • Creative Executive Club
    Creative Executive Club is a series of morning seminars for decision-makers, which focuses on the creative growth possibilities of tomorrow through eg. management and organization, internationalization, and innovation.

    • More Creative Plus will focus on demonstrating applied creativity in the public sector and other industries (particularly the manufacturing industry) to display the business and innovation potential that can be realized through cooperation with the creative industries.
    • More Creative Plus will be held four times a year. The format is a meeting of 2-3 hours with demonstration presentations by partnerships and subsequent dialogue and company dating with the participating members of the public sector or other industries. The themes will build upon the links between the partnerships and the region’s overall growth strategy.

Are you interested in taking part of More Creative’s initiatives, please contact one of the four More Creative partnerships and learn more: