More Creative 2013 – 2015

The evolution of More Creative 2013-2015

More Creative has existed since the beginning of 2013 and has since then been in a constant state of development. The More Creative Model is based on economic key figures and market data, a strategic evaluation of strongholds in Central Denmark Region, and a bottom up approach, which has meant that the creative industries have had an influence from the very beginning.

Phase 1: Application

Through an open call to businesses in creative industries, More Creative chose the most qualified applications based on various defined criteria. The criteria was based on regional strongholds and key figures in relation to potentials for scalability, growth, and export.

Thus, there was a data driven approach to identifying the strongest positions for creative partnerships, but also a market driven approach since it was the creative businesses who contributed with their own project ideas, as well as partnerships created by the businesses themselves.

Phase 2: Testing

In the test phase, creative partnerships were chosen to be developed and tested. In case of support from creative businesses and politicians for a partnership within the creative industry field – and if the specific partnership was deemed strong enough to carry out a partnership organization – the creative partnership continued the development.

Phase 3: Maturation

A reduced number of partnerships was established as potential creative partnerships and went through an intensive partnership incubatory. The aim was for the partnerships to function as independent partnerships in the the next phase.

Phase 4: Sustainable partnerships

The partnerships were in this phase established partnership organizations with finance and business models.

The More Creative secretariat

For the More Creative Model and the holistic approach to function, a centralized secretariat is required – a secretariat that works as a joint platform for all of the partnership organisations. In the case of More Creative, the secretariat has handled the coordination between the partnerships, as well as the effort for network, talent, business development, knowledge sharing, communication, and framework conditions for growth in the creative industries.

Activities in More Creative 2013 – 2015

Ever since the beginning in 2013, More Creative has had a holistic approach which means that the initiative work with everything from the creative entrepreneur to the political decision-maker. This is the only way to truly develop the creative industries. This approach has lead to a number of new initiatives, services and networks as listed below:

  • Creative Partnerships. More Creative is not only supporting the creative industries. The strategy is designed to uplift the entire regional economy as well. More Creative is essentially about finding the creative edge that leads to competitive advantages and tackles the societal challenges of tomorrow. This is an agenda which speaks to both business executives, creative entrepreneurs and policy-makers.
  • Creative Executive Club. Creative Executive Club is a series of morning seminars for decision-makers, which focuses on the creative growth possibilities of tomorrow through eg. management and organization, internationalization, and innovation.
  • Creative Business Academy. Creative Business Academy is an open and accessible business development process for entrepreneurs across the creative industries, which helps creatibg the groundwork for a sustainable business.
  • Next Level. Next Level is a business development progress for established businesses in the creative industries which wish to ascend their organisations and business models to a higher level.
  • Überwerke. Überwerke tests best practice and researches the best ways to create the best frameworks for growth surroundings in creative industries.
  • Creative Cities. Creative Cities provides consultancy to those of Central Denmark Region’s municipalities who wish to create better growth conditions for creative industries.
  • Center for Animation and Visualization (CAV). CAV is catalyst for professionalisation and internationalisation of the Danish animation branch and adjacent fields.