The creative industry in Central Region Jutland hold a large unexploited business potential. Therefore, Central Denmark Region and Aarhus 2017 have created More Creative to explore different models and methods to achieve the creative industries’ potential; both as industries and businesses as well as the intersection between the creative industry or business itself and other industries, where creative competences can create value in the form of innovation, competence development, etc.

In short, the core purpose of the initiative More Creative is to develop and test new methods to create wealth in creative industries in Central Denmark Region.

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A growth dynamic for Central Denmark Region

The creative economy consists of the following 11 industries: architecture, books and press, design, film and video, content creation and computer games, art and crafts, music, fashion, furniture and interior, radio and tv as well as publicity. In the recent years, these industries have had a considerable international growth, and the creative industries also have a big importance for the Danish economy.

The creative industries in Central Denmark Region

  • The creative industries contribute with approximately 43.500 jobs (number of employees). That is 7% of all jobs in the region.
  • There is 5.670 registered businesses within the creative industries in the region, which corresponds to 12% of the total number of businesses in the region.
  • The creative industries in the region have had a turnover for more than 62 mia. DKKR annually, which is equivalent to 10% of the total turnover of the region’s businesses.
  • The region’s creative industries generate a total added value on 18 billion DKKR and export for 26 billion DKKR. These figures are equivalent to 12% added value and 14% of the total export in the region.
  • The creative industries have had a total increase in business income of more than 10% in the years 2010-2013.

The creative industries in Denmark

  • The creative industries in Denmark employ approximately 85.000 persons (FTEs) in service as well as production.
  • The creative industries have have a turnover for a total of approximately 280 billion DKKR.
  • The creative industries export on a national scale for nearly 83 billion dollars, which is equilevant to 9% of the total export.
  • The creative industries holds 9% of the total turnover and employment in the Danish business.

As the statistics above shows, there is clearly a big potential in stimulating the creative development and growth. Through More Creative, Central Denmark Region wishes therefore to

  • facilitate a process that increases the added value of the creative industries and competitivness through targeted creative partnerships and the establishment of clusters in the creative industries.
  • develop the framework for the creative industries with particular focus on business services, growth environments, and talent development.
  • develop a mutual platform for knowledge sharing, communication, and interdisciplinary cooperations.

The figures are derived from the analysis Potentialer og vækstbarrierer i kreative erhverv i Region Midtjylland (eng. Potentials and Growth Barriers for the Creative Businesses in Central Denmark Region). The analysis can be downloaded here (in Danish).