More Creative is the biggest united business development strategy for creative industries in Denmark. As a natural part, More Creative initiates and facilitates a wide range of initiatives and activities, that helps develop the creative industries through eg. competence and business development, inspiration, new methods, and knowledge sharing.


Next Level

Next Level is a way for the partnerships to offer practical advice to their core audience with the involvement of experienced resource persons in their respective industries. The courses’ themes and content matches with Væksthus Midtjylland’s existing offers and opportunities – especially within internationalization and financing.

  • Next Level consists of four full-day sessions that give participants concrete tools to identify and tackle the company’s most critical challenges.
  • Each session follows a fixed structure with keynote presentations and exercises from a given theme, followed by workshop activities, case studies, experience sharing, and external resource persons. Morning programs are across industries, whilst afternoon programs are divided into individual industries.

More Creative Plus

More Creative Plus is partly a forum for partnerships to meet new players from industry, municipalities, sectors selected, etc. and partly a forum to publicize the creative industries and create new opportunities for cooperation.

  • More Creative Plus will focus on demonstrating applied creativity in the public sector and other industries (particularly the manufacturing industry) to display the business and innovation potential that can be realized through cooperation with the creative industries.
  • More Creative Plus will be held four times a year. The format is a meeting of 2-3 hours with demonstration presentations by partnerships and subsequent dialogue and company dating with the participating members of the public sector or other industries. The themes will build upon the links between the partnerships and the region’s overall growth strategy.

Partnership Meetings

Partnership meetings are a forum for skills development targeted the partnerships’ project managers. The aim of the partnership meetings is to give project managers the tools necessary to develop self-sustaining clusters. We will therefore use the partnership meetings to work with business development, financing strategy, project development, and communication.

  • Partnership meetings will be whole day events with a combination of presentations, case studies, sparring, and experience sharing across the partnerships.
  • We will hold five partnership meetings in 2016. The meetings are located at strategic points in relation to More Creative’s annual cycle, including partnerships’ reportings, stop-go evaluation etc.

A More Creative Denmark

A More Creative Denmark

The conference, A More Creative Denmark, was first held in 2015 and will also be held in 2016. The purpose of A more Creative Denmark is to put growth through creative industries and creative economy on the national agenda. The conference features presentations by national and international experts and is addressed to politicians, leaders, and decision makers in municipalities, regions, and ministries, as well as business people in both creative and other industries.